Giclée Fine Art Printing
Collector Quality Reproductions
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Top Sail Schooner Off West Chop Martha's Vineyard, Richard Loud
24x40 Oil on Canvas

reflections_detailGiclée — pronounced “zhee-clay” — french for “that which is sprayed,” is the term commonly used for the world’s most advanced digital fine art printmaking process. Our giclée prints represent the highest quality archival reproduction possible of the original artwork. Image Resolutions’s fine art prints are truely collector quality.Giclée prints have many advantages over offset lithographs. Giclées are printed on beautiful fine art papers or canvas and the result is a print befitting the definition of fine art in every way. By using high quality non-fading inks and acid-free papers, our prints have a life expectancy in excess of 100 years.
Gicleé printing is the process of creating a digital image from a fine art original.

Detail of Reflections

Using the Roland HiFi Jet and Epson 11880, we can produce reproductions of your original art on a variety of fine art papers and canvases. Whether your original is oil, watercolor, pastel, mixed media, acrylic or others media, we can reproduce your original with stunning accuracy. After we perform a digital capture, we will provide you with up to three proofs to check for color fidelity and cropping. After your approval, we will then maintain your file for printing your editions. Editions can be either printed immediately or on an as needed basis with the knowledge that the first, last and all prints in between will match perfectly. We have a variety of acid free cold press and hot press water color papers, 100% rag photo papers and archival canvases to choose from.
John White, Reflections 20x22 watercolor original