Lamination and Coatings
Prints can be protected with a variety of over laminates and coatings. Laminates vary in thickness and surface texture. Thicknesses can vary from 1 mil to as much as 15 mils. We have surfaces that are gloss, luster, matte and textured.

Our TSG laminate, combines surface protection, anti glare, and a wrinkle resistance, yet prints can be rolled for transportation and storage. TSG is a textured over laminate that is 10 mils thick that we combine with a 10 mil vinyl backer. This gives the print considerable body so they lay flat yet are pliable enough to be rolled and shipped in tubes. The textured surface gives the added benefit of being extremely resistant to scratching, fingerprints or any other marring of the surface.

When maximum impact is required, gloss lamination gives prints the best depth and clarity available. Colors are more vibrant and shadow detail is enhanced. We offer gloss laminates in both 3 mil and 5 mil thicknesses.

Surface protection without glare. Matte laminates are perfect where glare can be a problem. With this non-glare surface applied to your prints, they can be lit with direct spot lights and still be seen and read from all angles. Available in 3 mil.

Liquid Laminate
We use a special liquid laminate to protect canvas prints. In addition to added UV protection, our liquid laminate also protects canvas prints from abrasion. An additional benefit is an increase in shadow detail of the print.