Materials and Applications
Most often printed on paper, a poster can be laminated and/or mounted. Posters are suitable for framing and we exclusively use pigmented inks that are resistant to fading. Often posters can be used in point-of-purchase displays, as window signage, courtroom exhibits, educational displays, room decor and decorations, gifts and remembrances.

We can produce signage for both indoor and outdoor use, either temporary or permanent. Uses can be as varied as 4 x 8 foot construction signs announcing a pending construction site, building directories, real estate signs, store signs and decorations.

Wall Covering
One of the newest and most innovative uses of large format printing is the ability to print on materials that can be applied to walls in the manner of wall paper.

Adhesive Vinyl
We can print on a variety of adhesive vinyls that are suitable for outdoor use. Most commonly used for vehicle graphics or outdoor signs.

Banners for both indoor and outdoor use can be printed up to 60 inches wide by most any reasonable length. We also offer two sided banners for both indoor and outdoor use. Banners can be finished with hems, pole pockets or grommets.

Prints for use in light boxes can be printed with the same ease and convenience as front lit posters. Colors remain vivid and saturated and have a longer life expectancy than conventional photo transparencies. We can both laminate and mount backlit transparencies so you need only to place them into your light box for a brilliant eye catching display.