EnvelopesMailing a letter is a simple task. Mailing 10,000 letters is somewhat more daunting. Direct mail has remained an effective way to communicate with your customers, prospective customers, members, constituents, or any other group where you want to be sure that they get your message.

Services can we provide

  • Check your list for duplicates
  • Certify it with the USPS to make sure that all the addresses are correct
  • Check for people on your list that may have moved and update their address
  • Sort your list so that it will give you a lowest postage rate
  • Address your mail, apply the proper bar code
  • Print your mail piece
  • Provide a mailing list
  • Deliver your mailing to the postoffice

These services save you time, makes sure that your mail has the best chance of being delivered and, amazingly it usually saves you money. You save money because the fee we charge you is often less than what we save you in postage.

EDDM The USPS has a new program, EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail. It is an effective way to reach everyone in a particular town or zip code. Stop in or call us to see if EDDM is right for your direct mail needs.