Sending Files to Image Resolutions

What to Send
We prefer the application file, all the linked graphics, the fonts used in the document including any fonts used in the linked files, and, if possible, hard copy printout.
Physical Media
You can deliver your files on physical media. We can accept CD, DVD, Flash Drives and most Memory Cards.
Sending Your Files Electronically
If you choose to send your files electronically, we can accept files as email attachments or uploaded on our “File Upload” page. Email attachments should be smaller than 5 mb and please either Stuff or Zip your files into a single archive. Be sure to create a unique name for your archive. The best would be your name or company name, followed by the date, followed by the extension. (either .sit or .zip) To send files directly from your browser, click the "File Upload” link. With this method, also please either stuff or zip your files into a single archive WITH A UNIQUE NAME. Please do not uses the name "archive.sit" or "" We prefer a file name that includes your name or company name and a unique identifier such as the date or p. o. number. PLEASE NOTE: you will need a password to use our upload page. Please call us at 781.659.0900 or email to get your password.
Hard Copy
It is very important for you to supply a hard copy printout of your file. The easiest way is by faxing it to us at 781.659.0901. If you are sending a file for printing, that will also be folded, a folding dummy is also necessary. We cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the output of files not accompanied with hard copy.
File Preparation
Please refer to our "File Preparation" page for information about preparing your files for printing to our various devices. Since each device has it's unique characteristics, the methods for preparing a file for one type of output may differ from those of another device.